Salutations my fellow pilots!

I’m Tank XG CEO of DEMONS ENABLED [NBSI] a mercenary alliance and I’d like to welcome you to our website. I’ve been playing this game on and off for almost 11 years, being a former fleet commander in few big alliances a few years ago I gained experience in many aspects of the game. After interacting with hundreds of pilots and participating in various activities I started to develop new ideas about how to enjoy this game. I created DEMONS ENABLED to provide EVE pilots with a friendly space to blow off some steam and enjoy the game and to let them engage in many in-game group activities.

DEMONS ENABLED used to be a high-sec alliance but to avoid the mistakes of the past and after much consideration, I’ve decided that a major alliance reform was needed.

Pilots in DEMONS ENABLED will always seek perfection, elitism, and unity.

Our ultimate goal is to be one of the strongest and most feared mercenary alliances in-game.